09 October 2008

artistic pervert

Such a high court of culture as the U. S. Customs Bureau last week notified Rumanian Sculptor Constantin Brancusi that his statuary is not Art. This ultimatum followed long and learned discussions on the part of inspectors and it orders. Brancusi to pay a 40% import duty on about $10,000 worth of sculpture which he has disposed of in this country.

The situation now stands with Sculptor Brancusi paying government duty on his "articles" labeled NOT ART at the prices they fetched as Art. Paul Morand, French writer, said of one of the disputed pieces, "Bird in Flight": "His birds sing and fly through space." Honest Inspector Kracke said, "I was told that the question was controversial. That, of course, made me take the situation all the universe."

Critics have said in effect: "This Brancusi is an artistic pervert," while Artist Brancusi once said, "With this form I could move the universe.

Pieces typical of Brancusi's work are his "Eve," which might be mistaken for an Afric religious symbol or a representation of a huge mushroom which has been neatly clipped by a lawnmower; his "Golden Bird," which resembles an immature onion; his "Penguins," which looks like a badly constructed snowman; his "Study of Mlle. Pogany," which resembles nothing so much as drip pings from a glassblower's tube.

Sculptor Brancusi simplifies line and movement until anything may mean anything. Is it then that the honest U.S. inspectors are mentally too advanced to comprehend plain simplifications?

source : time.com

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