13 October 2008

It is not all about sex


the things i see said...

isn't it?
where are the images from?

kali said...

mine - elements crossed whilst stalking through life ... I should scan them properly one of those days ! I just rephotographed them to go fast ... I like thos technique very much though. Adds distance.

the things i see said...

well, nice stalking :)
the one with the weapons on the table is my favorite.

and about rephotographing- it is very interesting, ask Richard prince, he made a career out of it .

its changing the focus from the moment of the making of the picture to the new moment of observing it as ready made.

kali said...

It is mine too, the most "significant". It was in an aged actor's house.

I am going to look to Prince work. Thank you !

auto-hide said...

arms present for vagina represent

kali said...

Arms are better wide open, vagina is better thightly enveloping. Or viceversa. Maybe.