29 October 2008

Daito Manabe

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auto-hide said...

I keep browsing his website and other youtube videos. looks like the man is working some very very interesting stuff

Anonymous said...

See Arthur Elsenaar

auto-hide said...

arthur seems to focus on the face and, I think, signification while daito is more about the alternative and more direct "interfaces". controlling face with sound, controlling color with sound, controlling sound with arm and then in this video, if i understood correctly, controlling sound with face. And there it becomes very interesting as instead of questioning facial expression he, by replacing his voice, reinforces it.

aethr said...

To clarify my objective, I see the computer-controlled human face that I have pioneered as a new kind of medium that is in need of thorough exploration. In that sense the face has become a canvas or display device that can be used to display a variety of external processes, whether this is computational, interactive or otherwise. My upcoming PhD work is detailing all of this with further explorations and analysis of facial movement patterns.

This all has lead to algorithmic facial choreography where facial expression can be synced to (generated) music as I already did about ten years ago. (Arthur & The Solenoids)

I don't really know Daito's objectives, I challenged him with a video response on his youtube channel, but he hasn't posted it yet.

Arthur Elsenaar